George Eli is an American Rom, who grew up in a traditional Romani family in the US. As a child, he was taught that the Rom must remain separate from the outside world. However, his deep Romani traditions taught George the ancient and mystical teaching of spiritual therapy. Today, George has been practicing his spiritual services with clients all over the tri-state area for over 10 years and has been featured on NPR and WEBE-108, sharing his teachings in spiritualism and expertise on Roma culture.

He eventually set out to create an ambitious documentary entitled, Searching for the 4th Nail, which explores and questions many of the Romani traditions he grew up with and passed down to his children. The film went on to be featured at many international film festivals and won “Best Filmmaker Award” at the Connecticut Film Festival. George also served as producer for the highly successful documentary, When The Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan (2006), Starring Johnny Depp and directed by Jasmine Dellal.

The Romani Media Initiative, an activist organization created by George Eli, believes one of the solutions to the problem of Roma exclusion is an art movement that promotes positive Romani role models and a positive view of the Romani culture. This void in popular culture was the inspiration behind George’s latest novel, The Last of the Magi: The Devouring. This novel is the first installment of a new young adult trilogy, which hopes to promote a much-needed positive hero and illuminate the Romani plight and culture to readers across the world.
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