The Last
of the Magi​

When a tarot card reading reveals an evil secret from biblical times, Mila, an orphaned Gypsy,
is forced to confront his true destiny. When he recklessly ignores the prophecy, an evil twist of fate brings two Americans into his world. Casey, an heiress, along with Jack her ingenious companion, both stranded in Berlin by mysterious circumstances.
The three teens accidentally plunge into a world of dark secrets within Berlin’s abandoned underground tunnels. There, they uncover a lost artifact once wielded by the Nazis that awakens an evil force. Looking to possess these powers, a sinister cult unleashes a shadow army to hunt for this holy relic. Mila and his new friends must flee to escape certain death and are now burdened with unlocking the mysteries of the artifact’s lost history, which promises to uncover Hitler’s unholy vengeance against the Gypsies.